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April 3, 2018

Just in case I didn’t mention it enough on Twitter over the last few weeks/months, we recently went to Banff in Canada with Liam’s family.

It was mostly for the purpose of skiing, but we did also get to see and do some AMAZING things that I would never have had the chance to do otherwise. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been to this beautiful place.

First, let’s chat skiing. Before we went to Banff, I had one group lesson at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead which, to be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend. The groups are too big so the actual time you spend skiing is pretty minimal. Sure, you learn the basics like snow ploughing but in the 2-hour lesson, you learn very little else.

When we got out to Banff though, I had 3 private lessons at Lake Louise Ski Resort which meant I had 1-2-1 tuition from an instructor. This did help build my confidence on the nursery slope but didn’t really prepare me for “actual skiing” on ski runs.

Long story short (because let’s face it, we want to get to the photos), I really didn’t take to skiing and didn’t particularly enjoy it. I tried really hard to enjoy it but instead of feeling a real sense of achievement and excitement when I got to the bottom of the nursery slope when learning, I was just glad I was able to do it without breaking any bones. Trying to force yourself to enjoy something is exhausting, and eventually, something had to give.

Anyone who follows my Instagram Stories will know that my first experience on an actual ski run was pretty traumatic. Cue getting part-way down the mountain completely out of control, desperately putting in turns in sheer panic. Then cue falling down and having a full-blown anxiety attack. I think the run was too steep for me and it panicked me, but I was also becoming poorly and since that fateful day, my skis weren’t strapped to my feet again. In fact, after a day off from skiing for a coach tour of Banff, the illness really struck me down and I spent the rest of the holiday in bed which SUCKED.

I honestly wanted to try to ski again, just so that wasn’t my last experience of it. But a nasty head cold with an added dose of vertigo saw that instead of that I was destined to spend the rest of my time in Banff in my hotel room bed.

But luckily, before all that drama I was fortunate enough to experience more than just skiing in Banff. I was able to see its beauty and learn its history via a coach tour and by going up the Gondola (sadly we only saw a few deer in town when we had hoped to see a lot more wildlife up in the mountains!), as well as my absolute highlight of the trip…husky dog sledding, followed by a helicopter-view of the Rockies!

I think I’ve found my calling guys, and it’s mushing. On the husky dog sled tour we had the chance to give mushing a go ourselves, and the thrill of zooming along with a team of beautiful husky dogs that are clearly having the time of their lives was incredible. Plus, you get to fuss the dogs and give them a cuddle afterwards and I’ll jump at any chance to hang out with doggos.

After the sledding, we were treated to some delicious warm apple cider while we waited for our transport back to central Canmore to then be taken back to the hotel. Our transport was very different to rest of the group though, as Liam’s mum had booked us a helicopter ride to see the Rockies from above! Although I can confidently add helicopters as a mode of transport that gives me travel sickness, I can also happily say it was well worth it. What a fantastic way to see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains…

Anyway, here’s just a few snaps from the trip to give you a taster of what a wonderful place Banff is. Go visit if you can!

Banff Canada railway line leading up to the Rocky Mountains

Canadian Rockies photoset

Lake Louise Ski Resort nursery slope

Husky dog sledding in Canmore Canada and hotel room view from Banff Park Lodge

View of Banff from the top of the Gondola viewpoint

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