Baked Worthing

What do you get when you cross cake with a business that’s interested in supporting its local community? You get Baked, a small cake shop come cafe in the West End part of Worthing.

When I moved back to Worthing to live with my parents, I hadn’t been really aware of the development it appears to be going through. More and more small local businesses are beginning to pop up – particularly in the food industry (see my review of Ami Bistro here), and it’s all a bit exciting for me, because well…I love food.

But what I love just as much when it comes to local joints is the ethics behind food – sourced locally, and giving back to the community to help support it. That’s what Baked is all about. You can read more about the company set up here.

Baked is run by Lauren and her friend Jess, two genuinely lovely ladies who always have time for a chat. You can tell how much they love what they do, and the cosy little cafe always seems to attract the nicest of customers too. That includes me, obviously. I’m a delight.

So, let’s get down to the cake shall we? I have no shame in admitting that I have tried several of the cakey delights on offer, including their dreamy classic chocolate brownie, Dorset apple cake, and the salted caramel shortbread you see above. Verdict? 10/10 for the lot. Honestly, it’s all absolutely delicious!

The brownies are rich, a little bit gooey and completely and utterly indulgent. The apple cake has a beautifully light sponge that has apple pieces running all the way through, and the shortie above has the most divine sticky salted caramel and thin layer of dark chocolate…not even mentioning that perfectly crumbly base…

If you’re from the Worthing area, or you ever decide to visit our little seaside town (increasingly dubbed as a ‘mini Brighton’) although I think it still has a little way to go to claim that title!), you absolutely have to pop into Baked and sample some cakey goodness. Directions here.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or otherwise incentivised to write this post…I just ruddy love the cake!

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  1. Enbrethiliel


    Isn't it great when a local business that offers great products is also one that we can be proud to support? I'm pretty far away from where you live, but if I were your neighbour, I'd give Baked my business, too. =)

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