Aveeno Bath & Shower Oil

Aveeno bath and shower oil for sensitive skin
Oh, Aveeno. You’re usually so wonderfully brilliant for my eczema prone, sensitive-to-everything skin. Why did you have to let me down so much this time?

The Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil is a oil body wash which is (supposedly) designed for dry skin. With all the bitter cold weather we’ve had lately, my skin has pretty much rebelled and started getting super dry, and super sore. So, in addition to amping up my moisturiser game, I thought I’d try this product to see if it made a difference. It doesn’t, really.

It’s got to have been the weirdest body wash I have ever used in my life.

The first thing you notice when opening the lid of this product is the bizarre smell. It doesn’t exactly have the fragrance you’d expect from something you’re about to massage all over your body. As I’ve said before, I can live with something that doesn’t smell amazing as I can just overlay it with a perfume or body mist, but it really is a shocker when you first smell it.

The second thing you notice, as you reluctantly pour some into your hand to get started is that its appearance resembles caramel. Now I love caramel, but I’m not keen on the idea of rubbing it all over my body to get clean. Once you get massaging it in, it feels like you’re rubbing cooking oil all over yourself. To say it doesn’t spread well is an understatement.

So, once I’d rubbed it in and rinsed it off, I really didn’t feel any cleaner for it. In fact, I was tempted to grab my normal Aveeno body and start again. But no, I was keen to see some sort of result once I was dry. But nope. My skin felt the same, smelt a bit odd and was still craving moisture. At that point I slapped on some of their moisturising lotion and all was OK with the world again.

It goes without saying I wouldn’t recommend using this product, unless you like the idea of smothering yourself in cooking oil and being surprised at the lack of moisture as a result. However, Aveeno’s other products are pretty spot on, so don’t let this put you off the brand!

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  1. Becci Charlton

    This is a shame as, as you say, Aveeno tend to be really great for moisturiser products. I use their moisturiser as hand cream sometimes and it works wonders. Sanex do a lovely moisturising bubble bath/bath crème, it's great. xxxx


  2. Cat Fyson

    It was a pity 🙁 like you said though their moisturiser is amazing. I don't have a bath 🙁 but Sanex are meant to have good shower cremes too will have to check them out one day x

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