Are Bloggers Responsible For Representation?

Eesh. This is a difficult topic to cover, but I wanted to share my thoughts on an interesting topic that Vix shared in her Exciting Email newsletter. She talked about how people have complained to her that her content isn’t representative, and some have even accused her of showing off her privilege.


Our blogs are our blogs. Our blogs reflect who we are, and our interests. Yes, to some degree they also represent the readers’ personalities and interests because why the heck else would they keep coming back to read?

But let’s face it, most of our blog readers are very much like us. They usually either relate or aspire. In my case, I can safely assume that most of my audience relate because I’m so darn #relatable.

But the idea that we need to adapt our content to make it represent every minority group, or that we need to use entirely inclusive language that doesn’t necessarily reflect our everyday vernacular is beyond ridiculous.

Maybe my own privilege is showing here, but I don’t feel it’s my place to represent anyone and everyone in the experiences I share and the language I use. I can’t. I don’t truly know about the experiences of other people and their struggles. I know about my own. They may not be as significant, but they are mine to share here.

I feel like my role as a blogger is to share my own thoughts, feelings and stories. It is my responsibility to not be a dick (as I’ve talked about before here), and it is my right to share inoffensive content on the web without being hounded for it.


Representation is important in blogging – and it is “out there” in the blogosphere. If you look for it, you’ll find it. When you find it and you like it, champion it. Make the point to celebrate difference. Like, comment, share, shoutout… whatever you can do to lift others to the forefront. Find the voices you want to hear, and put a microphone to them.

That’s how we can create a more representative community.

Not by changing our content to fit the mould and give in to the professionally offended who get off on complaining.

Not by being afraid to cover particular topics through fear of not using the right language.

Not by fearing the fact that we are perhaps more privileged than others and that by sharing a wishlist or haul we are “rubbing it in people’s faces”.

If you want to take responsibility for representation, go for it. If you just want to blog by sharing your own experiences, go for it. Just don’t attack others for not doing what you expect from them.

Trust me, you’ll be a lot less angry and a lot more inspired to do your own thing if you just let them get on with theirs.



  1. Desola

    Bloggers have a choice on what type of posts to cover on their blogs. Like you said it’s impossible to represent every type of person from Asian to those with disabilities. Unless that particular blogger has been through a situation that people can relate to e.g mental illness, racism, sexism and etc then in that manner it’s fine. At the end of the day everyone has different lifestyles, tastes and personalities. That’s why we have different types of blogs from budget-friendly to luxury/aspirational.


    1. Post

      This is 100% it – bloggers do have the choice, and if others in the community or casual blog readers are hounding bloggers for covering experiences outside of their own…well I despair!

  2. North

    Super interesting topic, and one I could go on about for ages!

    I think trying to be representative and inclusive when you’re not necessarily informed and experienced can actually backfire and come across as offensive. Even if it’s not the intention, trying to speak of the experience of others with very different backgrounds to you, when you haven’t had personal experience of that, is dodgy territory! I’d rather hear it from the people living it!

    Definitely something worth discussing as a topic!

    1. Post

      I’m sure I could have gone on and on about the topic too! This is exactly the issue – when readers/other bloggers complain that a blogger isn’t representing them or a minority group, it’s utterly ludicrous because how are they supposed to write about experiences they don’t have? Madness!

  3. Aimee Hyndman

    Such a great post! I often worry that in posting as many haul posts I do I’m making myself less relatable and maybe alienating readers. But I love to shop, and I can afford to shop, and I love sharing what I’ve bought, so why should I worry about that?

    1. Post

      Thank you! never worry about what you are posting…you’re not hurting or alienating anyone who isn’t seeking to be offended anyway! You do you!

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