Appreciating “Me-Time”

Spending time by myself is very much a rolling the dice kind of situation. Sometimes I feel like I need the space and end up really relishing in it, coming out the other side nicely refreshed and ready to deal with the world again. Other times, being alone can be utterly detrimental to my mental health, leaving me teary because I have the time to think too much.

Luckily, a recent stint of me-time was very much the former. I spent most of the weekend by myself, using the time to recharge and indulge in the things I like doing the most.

So what exactly are those things that I like doing the most when I have some time to myself?


I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that pampering is a must-have when you have some time to yourself.

My personal fave way of pampering is absolutely smothering my face in this dreamy The Body Shop Honey & Oat mask (soz, they no longer sell it which is a damn travesty). I love this mask because it feels like a properĀ treat, y’know? It’s doing good to my skin, and I can actually feel that when it’s on.

Anyone who has ever used a decent face mask will 100% know what I mean.

Because wearing my glasses is a no-no when I have the mask on, I will tend to use the 10-15 minutes to watch a video on Youtube that doesn’t require any reading.

I don’t really watch any weekly vlogs or anything like that, so chances are I’m watching an interview from a US late night talk show. Am I the only one that easily falls down a Youtube hole once I’ve started watching these?!

Once the mask has dried and sufficiently restricted facial movement, it’s ready to come off. I use a warm flannel to remove it and ngl my face feels smooth af. So smooth I have to stroke it a couple of times to believe the magic that has just happened.

Other pampering activities include bleaching dat ‘tache or moisturising every inch of my body in the richest body lotion I can find.

Binging TV

I know, I know. This section really should be “reading books” but I haven’t sat down and read a book in bloody ages.

As much as I love watching Gilmore Girls or settling down to a movie with Liam, sometimes I want to either watch trash TV, or a show I’ve seen a million times that fills me with joy.

Trash TV shows include Come Dine with Me and Supervet, whilst Peep Show is my number 1 show I will turn to in any situation. I could watch it a hundred times over and still want to restart the series again. Singing along to the theme tune is optional, but who can resist wailing “I’M NOT SICK, BUT I’M NOT WELL…”.

There’s something about lounging in front of the TV and properly switching off your brain that feels hella relaxing and can take your cares away. It also makes a good distraction when you’re waiting for food to cook. Speaking of which…

Food glorious food

I love food at the best of times, but when I’m alone I can eat the smelliest of soups, judgement-free.

I absolutely adore this Broccoli and Stilton soup from Marks & Spencer, one that Liam isn’t too keen on the smell of!

It’s the perfect lunch meal to warm you up, especially when served with a crunchy roll and lashings of butter.

I think I could eat this every day but I’d probably end up single tbh. It really does reek.

In addition to smelly, luminous green soup, I also tend to chow down on “naughty” food like chocolate pudding when on my lonesome.

Other me-time goodness includes:

  • cookies
  • pizza
  • chips piled high with grated mature cheese
  • basically anything that is calorific

I’m a bit of a secret eater and prefer to indulge when flying solo…weird I know!

How do you spend me-time? Do you slob around like me, or is your alone time your most productive?



  1. Caroline
    December 20, 2017 / 10:08 am

    Me time is a pure necessity! Something that should be a weekly occurrence!
    I love how you spent yours! I’m definitely for a face mask and a book.. or binge watch Ashley Brooke YouTube, (love her!) plus eat ALL of the food. Mainly the stuff you shouldn’t eat.


  2. December 20, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    Me time is essential. I love a bit of me-time. You can usually find me with my head buried in a book when I’m on my own, because when my husband is around he wants to watch TV!

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