Appreciate The Journey

Lately I’ve had a few niggling negative thoughts when it comes to trying to reach my own personal goals.

We’re all so eager for things to happen quickly in life, and we often forget to step back and appreciate the journey for what it is. Positive change doesn’t happen overnight, and there are many steps, big and small, to take in any direction to get where we want to be.

Take for example my weight loss – lately I have been slightly addicted to stepping on the scales pretty much every day, keen for the pounds to melt away. But actually, I should be focusing on the fact that I have made some difficult but good choices to take better control of what I eat. It shouldn’t just be about the end goal of getting to the weight I’m hoping for, but it should be about the everyday lifestyle changes I’m making to get there. It should be about those smaller victories on the way.

Another more ‘general’ goal I’ve chosen for myself is to be a happier person who worries less – instead of thinking about the times I slip and overthink something, I should be thinking about the times I made a decision without feeling like I wanted someone else to do it for me. I should be patting myself on the back for every time this happens.

So how can we go about appreciating the whole journey?

Think back to the start

Remember when you made that choice to make a change? Whether it was yesterday or a year ago, remember that day and as many of the days since that you can. Think about how far you’ve come. Making that decision couldn’t have been easy, so be proud of that very moment that you did.

Chronicle it

Whether you write a journal, share it on a blog or simply scribble a note to stick on the wall, write down the progress you’ve made and look back on it in moments of doubt. We all have them. Take the time to consider how to overcome those doubts and make that the centre of what you do.

Take a break

Sometimes we all need a break from our journeys – I have a ‘treat day’ once a week, and by letting myself do that I actually avoid going too crazy with it. If I didn’t allow myself a treat or two, I’d quickly cave and soon go back to bad habits. The same goes for any goal you have – there’s no rush to reach your goals so cut yourself some slack every once in a while.

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  1. Lotty Marie

    Great post cat, It's about the change that occurs over time not the destination. Stop being so hard on yourself! Try changing 'I should' to I would like.

  2. Kathryn

    Lovely post, I love how you broke it down, I always think it's important to take a step back if you're finding something challenging.


  3. lisa.sauve

    I love remember the progress but also remember to be really present in the now. Sometimes I compare myself to the person I was a week or year ago. We change and it's okay to move laterally or forward or in a whole new direction too when on the journey!

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