Ami Bistro, Worthing

This afternoon has been lovely. Me and Mum decided to take a trip into Worthing once I’d finished work to try out Ami Bistro in Worthing’s up and coming West End.

Yep, I know “up and coming” is about as cliche as you get, but I am beginning to become increasingly impressed with how Worthing is developing. From the reputation of God’s Waiting Room, Worthing is growing to be more like a mini Brighton. Ami Bistro has definitely helped in this, by offering a nice and friendly cafe by day, and bistro by night.

So, onto the important bit. The food…

If a pesto based meal is on a menu, I will find it. I will eat it. Ami Bistro actually had two offerings – a ciabatta, or pasta dish. Pasta is pretty much my soul mate, so it just had to be the chicken and pesto fusilli. No regrets.

My Mum ordered a brie, bacon and cranberry ciabatta which came with a nice bit of salad on the side.

I have to admit – the pasta dish was beautiful. Although the pasta was probably cooked a bit longer than I would’ve cooked it (I like it al dente, dahhhling), the cream and pesto was dreamy. The rocket and parmesan on top were the perfect partners, and the portion was incredibly generous. I’d have eaten it all if I wasn’t about to go hit the shops afterwards. Too much pasta = food coma.

Mum was equally impressed with her ciabatta, also feeling the portion was pretty large – considering this was meant to be lunch time food!

All in all, the bill came to about £18, which seemed a little rich for lunch, but the food was worth it. It was mostly my pasta that cost a lot! However, the staff were lovely, so if the money is going back into their tips, then it was worthwhile.

If you’re ever in the Worthing area, definitely give Ami Bistro a go! The triple cooked chips sound like potatoey heaven, and they had some delicious looking cakes on the counter too!

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Yeah, my Mum had heard a few good things so we decided to check it out. I think next time maybe I'd pick a cheaper dish (afterall, it was only lunch!) x

  2. Nevena Krstic

    The food looks so yummy! The worst thing is when you've eaten too much and all you want to do is sleep but you have shopping to do XD Oh and if you then have a food baby too XD The food looks great 🙂 xx

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