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Buy Ambien ZolpidemHi! I’m Cat, an occasional blogger and self-employed human determined to overshare on the internet.

Since I was a teenager I was just a tad ~obsessed~ with the web. Remember MSN Messenger? I would log into that shit every day after school to continue talking to the people I’d literally spent all day talking to.

My first foray into social media was Myspace, where many a row could be created from who you put in your top 10 friends or that passive aggressive bulletin questionnaire you posted knowing full well that it was going to piss someone off.

Ah, the good old days.

Because I basically grew up online, I got into blogging and social media in a big way. So big in fact, I’ve made a career out of it. After a string of jobs working in various digital marketing roles, I decided to take the leap into self-employment in September 2017.

Since then, I’ve been somewhat winging it. Actually, I’ve always been winging it because let’s be honest, it’s what we all do.

Buy Adipex 37.5 Online

In short, it’s about me, my life and my hobbies. It’s about the things I love, the feelings I feel and the stuff I do.

I talk about mental health and my journey with counselling from time to time, but sometimes the content isn’t quite as deep.

You won’t find in-depth think pieces here, but you will find raw, honest, real stuff and the occasional tips and advice for other people like me, desperately clinging to their twenties.

So grab a cuppa, and get ready to get inside my head.

If you’re a brand interested in working together, please visit my Buy Ambien Online Uk page.


My blog provides a (very small!) passive income provided from advertising that you may spot from time to time. This is mostly in the form of:

I aim to be as transparent as I can regarding any advertising on the blog – but if you have any questions, Buy Adipex Online 2014.

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