A Walk Among The Marshes

We’ve become quite lucky since moving. Don’t get me wrong, Portsmouth had some nice areas to walk in (the Old Portsmouth trail, Southsea seafront and the Harbour), but there are loads of public footpaths around Emsworth which are just waiting to be explored.

Our initial objective when leaving the house this afternoon was to find an area that we could go for a run in because we are getting more and more unfit by the day (like, seriously). We didn’t quite get that, but we did come across Nutbourne Marshes, a lovely area which is part of Chichester Harbour. This is where we came across all of these boats.

Although I get incredibly seasick on a boat, I do quite like seeing them docked at the Harbour, surrounded by all the equipment that the proud owners use to set sail. Owning a boat must be pretty good for those that don’t get queasy at the motion of a small wave! I can only imagine the great sense of freedom you get sailing around when the weather is nice.

Aside from visiting this small harbour, we took a few twists and turns down public paths where we were greeted by the sights of horses, grand fields and rather bizarrely, a Southern Water facility. Although the weather was not all that great, there’s nothing like getting a bit of fresh air. Plus, according to MyFitnessPal, I burned over 300 calories during our 2 hour stroll. Result! Let’s ignore the fact that I stuffed my face at the pub with a gorgeous Italian gourmet burger!

What are you getting up to this weekend?

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