A Trip To Marwell Zoo


Last week, during our blissful but very busy week off we decided to take a trip to Marwell Zoo to stretch our photography muscles (and of course make friends with the penguins). The weather was beautifully hot, with a short spell of rain at the end of our trip to refresh us, and all in all we had a lovely time!

Unfortunately due to very tired feet and a feeling that we were going to melt otherwise, we didn’t get to visit every enclosure, but we certainly got to see most of the animals.

Despite the controversy around animal welfare in zoos, Marwell is great because they are also conservationists. Each animal has a huge amount of space to roam around in and they all seemed very happy with the facilities. Plus, THEY HAD DINOSAURS!

So, on to the pictures! The first five are Liams, and the rest are mine!














My highlights were definitely the adorable penguins (the one in the wetsuit is called Ralph, and he was quite vocal!), but the Amur Tiger was absolutely stunning – we went back to see him several times!

We really did have a lovely time, and one thing I’ve definitely learned from our trip is how I desperately need a lens with a much better zoom! Once I can get one, I’ll certainly be heading back to take some better snaps!

Oh..and me and Liam bought each other a present from the gift shop as a souvenir! Guess whose is whose!

Have you ever been to Marwell Zoo? If not, I highly recommend!

Standard blogger disclaimer: We paid full price for our tickets and I was not sponsored to create this post. I just really loved the experience and wanted to share it!

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  1. Emma Farley

    Ahhhh! I love Marwell Zoo! I went to Winchester Uni for a year and visited a couple of times 🙂 Now that I've got a new camera I'm hoping to pop to Paignton Zoo before the end of the summer. Fingers crossed!

    I also wanted you to know that I've nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award. You don't have to take part but it's a great way to highlight some of your favourite blogs. If you want to get involved, this link will be live at 5pm on Friday.

  2. Cat Fyson

    Marwell is brilliant, isn't it? Winchester is lovely too – I did consider going to Uni there, but got set on Portsmouth in the end!

    Thank you for the nomination lovely! I will take a look at the post now x

  3. Cat Fyson

    LOL! Now I'm going to think of that song each time too. Camels are crazy…this one was clearly showboating. I had to try keep my distance most of the time out of fear of being spat at/on!

    Meerkats are the cutest! They have the sweetest faces and lovely expressions x

  4. KatieLouise

    Great photos! I love going to the zoo. There are some great ones out there – as I'm up North, South Lakes Zoo is my favourite! The animals have so much space to roam and the keepers are just so knowledgeable.

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