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Buy Soma Us Pharmacy

March 8, 2016

Arundel cafe Belinda's rock cake

Because going out anywhere on Mother’s Day is asking for a world of stress, me, my Mum and my Nan decided to go out on the Saturday for a little trip to Arundel (near Chichester in Sussex).

I’ve been to Arundel a few times before and absolutely adore it. It’s one of those places that is best described as “quaint”, but despite being quite attractive to those that have more money than sense, us commoners are not looked down on for sampling a little opulence in the form of delicatessen purchases and rock cake nibbles at a 16th century tearoom. Which pretty much sums up our trip that day.

Sparks Yard Arundel Clocks

Sparks Yard Arundel Lights

Sparks Yard Arundel Sign

Sparks Yard Arundel Notebooks

My absolute favourite shop in Arundel is Sparks Yard. It is described as a ‘lifestyle’ shop, and basically has cute homeware and gifts and a trendy cafe on the top floor. It really is well worth a visit – I’m already regretting leaving behind that mint coloured wall clock.

Everywhere you look there are lovely, lovely things. It really is a blogger’s paradise, if you ask me. It’s the kind of shop where I suddenly become an expert interior designer and start accessorising my dream rooms, in my dream home.

The awesome shops don’t end there though – there are several antique shops (stay with me on this, they have so many things in them that you could spend hours exploring), as well as little gifty shops including one that just sells dog themed gifts. Naturally, I was in my element.

Arundel antiques tea set

Dog themed shop Arundel

Arundel gifts

If I wasn’t trying to be careful with my money, I reckon it would all be gone by now on so many lovely bits that I definitely don’t need, but really, really want. I mean, look at that fox and it’s freakishly straight legs. How can you not love it?!

After mooching the shops, we went to Belinda’s, a 16th century tearoom with its own bakehouse where they make delicious rock cakes and scones on site. Although the service was initially a little on the slow side once we had arrived, my rock cake was bursting with currants, sultanas and peel and was perfectly paired with a bit (OK, a lot) of butter and a tea in a fancy cup with a saucer.

Satisfied with our sugary fix, we then headed back to the car – but not before picking up some sausage rolls and a Vicky sponge cake from Pallant of Arundel which is a beautiful deli selling fresh bread, pastries, cakes and lots more. If I could bottle the smell that hits your nostrils as you walk in, I would carry it with me wherever I go.

2 responses to “A Little Trip To Arundel”

  1. I can see why your money would be gone – the items in the shop are really cute!

    I always tend to do that too. When I see items at IKEA I always picture them in my “dream home”.

    Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy

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