A Little Life Update


Anyone who follows me on Twitter or knows me personally will probably already be aware that I am *yet again* without laptop. For the same reason as last time, too. I spilt a drink all over my one true love, my Macbook Air. For the second time in less than 6 months. Since the fateful incident, I’ve been using my parents laptop, which is not quite the same. No precious Spotify for tuneage, or Photoshop for decent photo editing. I’ve been surviving using an online photo editor which seems to do a fairly decent job, so I can’t really complain.

Other than now having a strict “no liquids near the laptop” rule, life has been ticking along fairly nicely. Work has been busy and exhausting (has anyone else not quite recovered from the Christmas break?), and my driving lessons have been the usual mixed bag. One lesson it will be fine and dandy, the next I’ll be panicking over roundabouts and confusing my left from my right. Not ideal! I’ll get there though – I just need to stop being so hard on myself!

Slimming World is now back in my life, as I binged so much on bad food over Christmas that I want some control back. I’ve not been perfectly following plan every day (we all need some time off, right?), but I’ve lost a few pounds already and hope to lose a few more over the coming weeks!

I’ve also been spending some time over on Blab hosting #BloggingBlab which has been fun. I’m going to attempt to cut together a video of the last one so you guys can get a flavour of what it’s like and hopefully get involved in some future ones! I’m always on the lookout for co-hosts, so pop me a tweet or comment if you’re interested in finding out more. The next Blab will be on Wednesday next week, 8pm UK time so would love to see you there.

I’m looking forward to this weekend as me and Liam are going to see The Revenant. I’ve heard good things and its scooped up a whole bunch of Oscar nominations this year, and after seeing The Hateful Eight last weekend, I’m hoping to continue riding the train of great movies in 2016. Is it February yet? Cannot wait for Deadpool!

Anywho, what have you lot been up to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Eleanor Hirst

    Ahh, I completely missed the #BloggingBlab this week! I spilt a cup of tea on my MacBook 5 years ago – Luckily our home insurance covered it!

    The no liquids near the laptop rule is very real right now.

    E x

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      Wisest decision I ever made! I hated Windows 8 with a passion so made the switch and just love the iOS, it’s so simple to use!

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