A General Life Update + Some Exciting News!

general life update theory test passed
GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! I did it! I passed my Theory Test (on my second attempt but whatev)! You can see the expertly Photoshopped certificate above and I am super chuffed. It’s that first step in my journey to finally getting on the road and having that independence and freedom that only being able to drive can give you.
I’m still a little way yet to booking the practical test, as I need to build up my confidence on the road (FYI, I now drive sitting on a cushion that used to belong to my driving instructor’s cat), but I’ll get there eventually. I’m trying not to set myself a definitive time by which I want to have passed, because I ain’t got no need for pressure.
Note on taking your Theory Test: Don’t be downbeat if you don’t pass first time, you just need to practice a little more. I definitely recommend this awesome app bundle which includes all the bits you need to know to pass. It’s well worth the £4.99.
Anyway, asides from this awesomely exciting news, I thought I would share a general life update with you guys.
I have to admit, life has had it’s ups and downs recently. Of course now knowing I am a hazard perception expert has been an up, but I’ve also dealt with a fair amount of stress and anxiety in recent times.
I’m on the up now though, and taking things in my stride. I’m doing my best to keep on top of the blog, as it’s a hobby I care deeply about. I’m also doing some voluntary social media work for a local business that I love working with. On top of that, I’m curing Bloaty Head like it’s no one’s business in Theme Hospital. Watch out, world.
Anyway, enough about me. What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments or link me up with some life update posts.


  1. Cat Fyson

    Thank you! I know, I put it off for ages and then realised it was about time I got on with it! Theme Hospital now is just as good as it was back in the day! x

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