A Day In The Life: Balancing Freelancing & Blogging

There’s something enjoyable about being totally, unashamedly voyeuristic when getting a glimpse into how other people go about their lives isn’t there?

I’ve recently discovered a few “day in the life” type blog posts and I am all about them tbh. Whether it’s a travel diary or simply a run through of an average day in the life of the writer, I love it.

So, I narcissistically decided to do my own one about what I do as a freelancer and how I balance that with blogging. As a freelancer, every day is usually pretty different but this encompasses the vast majority of what I will get up to on an average day.

8AM – 10AM

8am is usually when I end up crawling out of bed. It’s difficult for two reasons. The first reason is because when you work for yourself you actually don’t have to get up and start at a certain time but this lad likes routine so I try my best to stick to it to be productive. The second reason is that my side of the bed is really close to the wall so I have to try and ninja myself out of the room without waking up Liam.

Sometimes 8am becomes 8:30am if I get distracted by my phone – but I always aim to be showered and dressed by 9am.

The first hour of my working day is usually spent checking emails, doing social media monitoring for one of my clients and checking my own social media. On a focused day where I’m 100% #girlboss, this will only be my business social media accounts but let’s be honest, I can also be found checking my blog ones too!

After that, it will either be cracking on with some client work, or researching companies to pitch to.

This block of time between 8-10 will also provide my first 1 or 2 cups of tea of the day too. Especially if I’m pitching which can be surprisingly draining!

10AM – 1PM

Does anyone else sometimes start to flag around 11ish? Me too. Although for me it’s usually because I suddenly realise I haven’t had breakfast yet. Depending on my mood and how prepared I’ve been, breakfast will either be overnight oats or a bacon sarnie. The beauty of working from home is that you don’t have to pop up the road to the bakery near your office for a sarnie – you can make it yourself. Huzzah!

Those hours leading up to lunch will usually be made up of more pitching, business admin (invoices, receipts, etc zzzzz) or of course, client work! I will also occasionally use this time of the day for personal development. That often involves doing a free online course or webinar to learn more about things such as best processes for client management or national insurance and taxes. Am I making freelancing sound like fun yet?

If there’s a networking event on, it’s usually around this time of day so I would pack my business cards into my handbag and drive to the venue, hoping and praying to be greeted by tea and coffee making facilities.

1PM – 2PM

LUNCH TIME, BITCHES! I try to have a proper hour lunch break to unwind. I’ll use this time to read blogs and get some post ideas, scroll aimlessly through Twitter and Insta or sometimes watch TV. If I have a blog post written and ready in my drafts, I will take advantage of the daylight at lunch time to get a quick photo.

If I am feeling the need for fresh air and human interaction, I’ll run an errand like nipping to the shops to grab dinner or fuelling up my car.

It’s really supposed to be time where I make sure I switch off from the business for 60 minutes so I can go back with more energy in the afternoon.

This does not always work.

2PM – 5PM

This is the time slot I save for the heftier work that requires more concentrated bursts of productivity. I just find that on most days it is my most constructive and it also makes the time go quicker. That’s not to say I want to wish the day away, as often I wish there was more time in the day to get more done!

Heftier work might include proposal writing, social media scheduling or strategy based work. I might break up the time by checking emails, or have a client call scheduled in. I tend to prefer these in the afternoon as it gives me the opportunity to prepare any notes ahead of the call in the morning if needs be.

5PM – 7PM

Work is over so if I’m not binge-watching Netflix or going to the cinema, I will use this time to try and get in the blogging zone! If I’ve found some good posts as inspo on my lunch break, I’ll have jotted those down as a draft post on WordPress or as a note on my phone. Then if the creativity is there I will get writing!

If the creativity isn’t there (as it often isn’t, especially when I’ve had a busy day of writing already), I try not to be too hard on myself about it. There’s always tomorrow to try again!

7PM – 11PM

The evening is mine to relax with Liam, have dinner and mooch on my laptop a bit more despite knowing I should probably get round to reading my ever-growing pile of comics.

If I haven’t been blogging earlier, inspiration might strike later in the evening and I’ll either type out a full post or at the very least get bullet points written so I can pick it up the next day and remember what the flip I was thinking about when I suddenly had that itch to blog.

By 11pm, I’m in bed and setting my alarm for the next day! #RocknRoll.

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  1. Aimee Hyndman

    I love Day In The Life posts – I always enjoy seeing how other people structure their days! Sounds like yours can be quite busy. I think in freelancing it’s so important to have set hours and a routine.

    1. Post

      Thank you! I enjoy them too and will deffo do more in the future…I’m thinking a Christmassy themed one. It is important to have a routine but equally important not to beat yourself up if it’s not all go-go-go every day!

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