A Dancing Dog

Just a quick update today. Everything has been a bit hectic, what with work and having to go home and babysit my dogs at the weekend whilst also doing overtime.

My dogs are both very old, and one in particular (Domino, the star of the video above), is very needy. He followed me everywhere from the minute I got home yesterday morning including sleeping in my room (even trying to get into my bed), and stared at me with his saddest eyes whenever I wasn’t paying him attention. He looked heartbroken when I left this morning.

The highlight of his activities this weekend was rolling onto his back in his sleep and kicking his legs to look like he was dancing. I just had to record it.

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Isn't he just? He's so soppy too. Thank you for the nomination! Very sweet. However I tend not to do the posts any more as I used to get a few of them all the time on my old blog. I do appreciate that you thought of me though! x

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