A Birthday Bundle

Part of me feels slightly morally wrong blogging about the gifts I got for my birthday, but a larger part of me wants to declare how appreciative I am for what I received.

Considering I was pinning slightly desperately this year, as I wasn’t really quite sure of what I wanted (I’m getting to that depressing age of thinking more about what I need than what I want), my loved ones really spoilt me with some lovely surprises as you can see.

I definitely think the selection I got is a pretty good reflection on my personality – from the H! by Henry Holland clothes through to the Batman graphic novels (I really did an awful job of taking this picture and managed to cut out one of them).

I should probably explain the fox mask. As best I can anyway. This was a bit of a joke present from my Mum, as I seem to go through phases of obsession with items that have particular animals on. This year was foxes, as showcased not only by the mask, but the amazing Paperchase cushion too. The mask is rather freaky, and is now hung up in our bedroom until one of us gets the heebie jeebies and has to take it down (it’ll probably be me who does that).

A few of the other lovely gifts I got were a £30 iTunes voucher from Liam’s Mum, Lush bath bombs from my brother, and cash from my Dad and Nan. There were also a few extra bits and pieces I got from Mum and Liam as well, so all in all it was clearly a brilliant birthday :).

Definitely expect reviews of the graphic novels in the near future – the Joker one which you can sort of see in the picture has a lenticular (3D) cover and I never thought I’d get hold of it, but luckily Liam was prepared and ordered it a while ago!

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  1. Cat Fyson

    I love my Daryl plushie 🙂 He is by far the best character on the show! Popping over now to take a look at the other things on that list!

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