8 Reasons Why It Sucks To Not Be At #SDCC

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For those of you who don’t know, this weekend has been the San Diego Comic Con, and every time this amazing event rolls round, there’s a small but significant dark cloud over my head.

This is because I’m not there soaking up the announcements of great new comics, movies and TV shows. Here’s 8 reasons why this sucks.

1. I’ll probably never get to go there. Tickets are like gold dust, and I’d have to save up for years just to be able to make the most of the goodies once I did get there (not to mention plane tickets, somewhere to stay etc…)!

2. Missing out on new comic-adaptation movie trailers. This year they’ve shown Suicide Squad and more importantly, Deadpool. Not to mention the TV show trailers such as a preview of the next season of The Walking Dead!

Sure, these trailers will be released online soon enough (if not already), but think of the buzz you would get being in Hall H with loads of other fans feeling that same excitement as you as the room goes dark and the trailer begins to play…

3. Not being at the panels. As well as screening trailers, the cast and production teams talk about the making of the movies/TV shows. I always get quite nerdy about this sort of thing because it sounds like so much fun being involved in big funded passion projects. No one is more excited about Deadpool than Ryan Reynolds is so it must’ve been great to see and hear him talking about the character.

4. Missed autograph opportunities. From actors, to comic book artists, there’s always great autograph opportunities at SDCC. If a hero of yours is signing, it’s not just a chance to get a squiggle on a piece of paper or glossy photo, it’s a chance to actually tell them how awesome they are. Or be too nervous to say anything. I’d likely be the latter.

5. Not being involved in the cosplay fun. So, I’ll admit I’d be unlikely to go “all out” like some of these guys, but I’d love to dress up for Comic Con if I could go! For ease, I’d probably go for Arya from GoT, purely because I’m short and happen to have short brown hair. Simple.

6. Missing out on meeting people. I can only imagine how many people go to SDCC that may have shared interests to my own. I’d love to be able to meet as many of these people as I could. I’m sure there’s plenty of bonding that happens in the many hours spent queuing for events!

7. Being unable to buy cool stuff. Every year at SDCC they have Comic Con exclusive merch, this year’s including a cool Batman Black & White figure and Groot and Rocket Racoon plushes! See more here.

8. Not discovering new stuff. Whether it’s an upcoming TV show or comic series, Comic Con is a hub of information about new things you’ll probably fall in love with. If you’re not there, you might find out about it from roundup posts about SDCC, but there’s always bound to be stuff you don’t hear about because it may not have a big name attached to it.

Have you been, or would you ever go to SDCC? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Emma Farley

    Oh my god, tell me about it! If I could go on any holiday with Luke it'd be this. It'd be the best! It doesn't even matter what year. I mean, now that some of my fave shows have finished it's a shame not to see those panels and stuff but there's always gonne be something pretty fecking awesome. I reckon Jenson'll appreciate it when he's older. Maybe we can use his non-existent university fund…

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