7 Mistakes I’m Glad I’ve Made

life mistakes glad i've made

Y’know when you think back on your life? I guess most people would do it when they’re much older than 27.

I spend a fair amount of time overthinking about things that have happened in the past. There are definitely a number of things that I either thought were a mistake at the time or still think as mistakes now, but hey,  I’m still bloody glad they happened.

Here a few of my absolute faves…

Moving away from where I grew up

Oh man, I still remember the rows I had with my mum when she announced that we were upping sticks and moving down to the South Coast from Surrey. I’d be moving away from all my friends after High School to start college in Brighton. At the time I hated it. I was in a relationship, had loads of friends (#humblebrag) and the idea of moving to a town that still to this day has the nickname of “God’s Waiting Room” filled me with absolute dread. But now…well, I’ve grown fond of Worthing.

I don’t live there any more because I moved away for Uni, met Liam and well…the rest is history and we now live in Chichester. These things happen for a reason. I went to Uni with a few friends from Surrey but now? I don’t even see them any more.

I do regret this from time to time. There’s an awful lot of reasons why I no longer see them, and there are some regrets there, but in the long run I have benefitted massively from distancing myself from my Surrey life.

Doing a Journalism degree

I can’t think of anything worse for me than to be a journalist. I ain’t about that stressed lifestyle. I studied for an accredited degree (Journalism with Media Studies), but from my first year I instantly took a greater liking for the media side. After graduating, I naturally gravitated towards digital marketing and the number of jobs that look for a journalistic background/qualification to work in this industry are crazy.

So whilst I consider the time spent learning (and failing at) shorthand to be a waste, I am so glad it led me down the path I am now happily taking.

Dying my hair blonde

Yup. I was once blonde. Maybe I thought blonde-haired people really did have more fun? I don’t think I truly tested that hypothesis but all I know is that it did not suit me and I only don’t fully regret it because now I know never to do it again.

It cost over £100 to do, and when a friend of mine dyed over it to strip it, my hair went green for about a week. Good look.

Working for a coffee shop – and getting fired

After Uni over the summer holidays, I worked for a local independent coffee shop. I won’t name names, but they were awful employers. They were forever underpaying me, but had no system in place that I could prove it, and to add icing on top of the cake (or chocolate sprinkles on the cappuccino), they fired me.

Why you ask? Well one of the owners managed to get me work experience at a local newspaper which meant I had to take a week off. I booked it in and had it confirmed that I could take the holiday out of my allowance. On the second or third day of the work experience, I got a call from the other owner telling me to return my uniform and not come back.

Oh, the relief. Whilst the physical marks from boiling myself on the spitting coffee machine in a cramped trailer have long since gone, the psychological ones remain.

The funnier thing is that the work experience opportunity that got me fired was what made me realise that I never, ever want to be a news reporter.

Not moving home after Uni

Most of the friends I made at Uni decided to move home after they finished Uni to save money and I 100% applaud them for that because that is damn smart.

Staying behind could easily be seen as a mistake because renting is hella expensive. The reason I’m glad I did it is because after the coffee shop debacle, and after a Christmas temping gig at Waterstones, I found my first job in digital marketing in the town I studied in. Had I moved home, I may not have had that sort of opportunity. Or maybe I would have had a better one, I just don’t know.

Although that job was far from perfect, it was the one that made me realise that I am actually pretty darn good at what I do.

Then eventually moving home because of a breakup

People who have been reading my blog for a while will know I went through a break up, moved back home, and then got back together with my boyfriend and we’re now back living together. As horrible as the breakup was, and living with my parents sucked, it gave me a chance to learn to drive and get my first car which I never would’ve been able to afford whilst paying rent and council tax (I paid subsidised rent when living at home).

What’s more, it also made both me and my partner realise that we could work things out and now we are even stronger than before. So it’s a win-win!

Destroying two Macbook Airs

HA remember that time I spilt a drink on my Macbook Air? OH and remember when I did it a second time? Guess who is now really careful and avoids having a drink near technology now? This gal.

Probably the most expensive mistake I ever made tbh. The first time wasn’t so bad as my Dad was able to get it replaced through his home insurance, but the second time was all on me and I had to fork out about £800 to get a refurbished Macbook Air cos sod going back to Windows. Pro tip: you can get more for your money by buying refurbished. The product comes good as new, even in a sealed box. Go through Apple though, and get that precious AppleCare (even if it is totally useless when it comes to damage through clumsiness).

Full disclosure that I totally stole this idea from blogging badass Hannah Gale but she said it was OK and if you click the link you can go read her fab post, too. The fact that I chose 7 mistakes as well is totally coincidental!



  1. April 5, 2017 / 3:37 pm

    Great post! I look back on things I’ve done in the past often, too, and have found myself thinking that some of the mistakes I made were actually good; they taught me something, lead to a better opportunity, or took me away from a harmful situation. It’s easier to beat ourselves up for our perceived failings than admit that maybe we did the right thing, and applaud ourselves!

    • Cat
      April 5, 2017 / 4:45 pm

      Thank you! I think we all do that sometimes, and it’s good to draw the positives from something that at the time didn’t feel positive at all!

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