7 Bone Burger, Bournemouth

7 Bone Burger, Bournemouth

I make no apologies whatsoever that this is my second post this week about burgers. It was National Burger Day last week after all. Burgers are the best, and when you want a dirty, greasy heaven-in-a-bun kind of burger, then you want to get to 7 Bone.

Whilst me and Liam were visiting Bournemouth (more on this trip to come in the near future), on Sunday lunch time we had a hankering for a tasty, filling and quick lunch to chow down on. We’d walked past 7 Bone the night before and got the impression it was a bit hipster for us, but YOLO right? Whilst it is admittedly pretty darn hipster, I cannot deny how delicious my burger was.

I opted for a cheese burger with onions called “shuffle to straight time” (I told you it was hipster, didn’t I?), whilst Liam went for the “prince charles is overrated” – a cheese and bacon burger with pickles. We also ordered a side of seasoned chips.

The stupid names were a bit of a turn off when I first saw the menu, as was the loud music and the man-buns aplenty on the waiters. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover when its burgers are deliciously juicy and cooked to medium-rare perfection.

I am a big GBK fan, and I wouldn’t trade GBK for 7 Bone for a gourmet burger, but if I’m in the mood for something a little more salt-of-the-earth, then 7 Bone wins every time. However, 7 Bone’s chips were a big let down, even with seasoning they tasted pretty plain and boring. Nothing on GBK’s skinny fries.

With its greaseproof paper and plastic red baskets, the food presentation definitely has a strong American diner vibe, which is always a great novelty for us Brits. I wonder if American’s ever eat “bangers and mash” on fine bone china?

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Exactly how I felt – sometimes you're just in the mood for a dirty, dirty burger and 7 Bone was perfect for that. The onions in my burger were absolutely dreamy. I'll have to pop in to the Soton one when I'm next down there! x

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