52 Lists Project: Your Perfect Weekend

Trundling on with the 52 Lists Project, I am tasked this week to list the things that make up a perfect weekend. 
As I type this, we are entering the long Easter weekend (hurrah!), so it seems pretty apt to be making this particular list.

List #16 – the perfect weekend

1. A mid morning wake up – none of this pre-7am rubbish, but nor post 11am. Ideally around 9:30am.
2. At least one cup of tea. Call me a British stereotype, but weekends must involve tea at some stage
3. A walk somewhere for a nice lunch – maybe a local pub. If it’s raining, it’s a takeaway for dinner
4. Binge-watching a TV show or watching a movie or two. If I’m awake enough, as I’d probably have napped at some point (probably after the pub lunch!)
5. If I had the cash, the perfect weekend would definitely include some form of retail therapy – whether it’s nice new food to try, or some new clothes. 
6. Reading blogs, or maybe a graphic novel or two. Ideally both, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood to read anything!
So those are some of the elements that I’d definitely include in the ideal weekend! It’s pretty likely this weekend is going to include at least a couple of these things!
Tell me about your ideal weekend in the comments.

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