52 Lists Project: Your Favourite Blogs

It’s time for list 21 of the 52 Lists project, and this week’s topic is all about sharing the blogging love! Something I think the community is in need of as of late!

List #21 – My favourite blogs

1. Cider With Rosie – Popular amongst the community as a whole, I can’t help but follow the herd in loving Rosie’s blog – her writing is lovely, and the photography wonderful too.

2. Hello Terri Lowe – Although Terri’s posts are quite often based around beauty and fashion which are not necessarily topics that would usually interest me, her humour and matter-of-fact tone is always a winner.

3. A Rosie Outlook – Yet another blogger called Rosie! I love her posts because she has real heart and honesty in what she says, and Bodhi is the cutest dog ever!

4. A Few Of My Favourite Things – Emma’s Item Of The Day posts always contain stuff that I want! I love discovering bloggers who have similar tastes to me, and I also find new blogs through her after the #lbloggers chat

5. Becky Bedbug – Another firm favourite, Becky is a lovely girl who always brightens up the day with her posts. I particularly enjoy her Becky Reads Company posts!

There’s plenty more brilliant blogs out there, I wish I could share them all! 

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