52 Lists Project: What You Will Do Today

Hasn’t the Bank Holiday been glorious? Luckily for me, I booked off today as well to have an extra long weekend (my internal alarm is going to be deeply saddened tomorrow when I have to get up before 7am!).

I’m pretty thankful that this week’s 52 Lists asks what I have planned for the day – on any other week it would basically be ‘Get up. Go to work. Do work. Come home. Have dinner. Shower. Sleep’ – nothing particularly interesting about that!

But instead, my list is made a little more intriguing by having the freedom to do whatever!

List #19 – list what you will do today

1. Get up at a semi-sensible time so as not to waste the day
2. Pop to the Co Op and farm shop to pick up some scones, jam and clotted cream so that me and Liam can have an indulgent breakfast (this ended up taking an hour and a half searching…)
3. Set this blog post live!
4.  Enjoy said indulgence, with a cup of tea and whatever is on the telly.
5. Chill out until 2pm when I’m getting my hair cut
6. Maybe watch a film in the afternoon, or just watch 24 with dinner (we still have some way to go in order to catch up so we can watch the new series!)
7. Grab a shower and prepare to go back to work (this generally involves packing my backpack and choosing clothes to wear)
8. Relax for a little bit before heading to bed!

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