52 Lists Project: What Kick Starts Your Soul?

When I saw the title for list number 15, I was a little dumbfounded, and completely blank of ideas. I took a little visit on over to Made In Hunters, a lovely blog which is also taking part in the project. 
Emma, who writes the blog, has put some lovely responses which were certainly inspirational. 

List #15 – things that kick start my soul

1. Slightly chilly mornings, and light breezy evenings
2. Brainstorming, ideas making – whether with friends, family or colleagues
3. Exploring new towns – visiting Emsworth for the first time once we moved made me realise how ‘quaint’ some places can be
4. A really good graphic novel, TV show or film
5. Being proud of my work – whether it’s the blog, professional work or just a clean kitchen!
6. Long conversations about everything and nothing

What kick starts your soul?

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