52 Lists Project: To Do List

This time round, the seventh list for the 52 Lists Project is quite time specific I think – my to do lists are changing all the time, and sometimes things just get completely forgotten (only those that aren’t all that important!).

I am typically an organised person – at work I have specific time slots to complete work, and in my personal life I don’t tend to rely too much on having to write down the tasks that need completing. I must be pretty organised – I had this post written ages ago!

Due to the timely topic of this list, I’ve decided to compile my list based on what needs doing as I write this post (10am on Sunday 16th March).

List #7 – what needs doing, pronto!

1. I need to do last night’s washing up. But I don’t want to.
2. The house also needs a bit of a tidy, and we need to finish unpacking the last of our stuff to properly settle in.
3. Not so desperately (but still needs doing eventually) – wrapping my Mum’s Mother’s Day present, writing the card and writing my Nan’s birthday card. This stuff can all wait until the last minute though, right?
4. I should probably also get dressed.

What do you need to get done like, right now

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