52 Lists Project: Things You Are Grateful For

Things have been a bit up and down lately – sometimes it feels like it’s more ‘up’, others it feels more ‘down’. That’s just life I suppose. No matter how I am feeling, I try to never forget all of those things I have to be grateful for. I’ll confess – sometimes I do forget, especially when things get overwhelming, but to err is human, and all that… 
Gratefulness is the topic for this week’s #52ListsProject

List #17 – things you are grateful for

1. My Mum – she’s more than a Mum, she’s a best friend. We are so ridiculously alike. It’s nice to have someone who gets you, and understands most of what you go through. 
2. Liam – soppiness aside, Liam is the best. Even when he’s winding me up. He makes me laugh, looks after and supports me wherever he can.
3. My health – despite the nasty Labyrinthitis I had throughout March, I am lucky that my health is otherwise good. Hopefully the labs will stay away for the foreseeable future (fingers crossed for forever!)
4. Friends – I may be able to count the close ones on my hands, but I’d rather have a small group of trustworthy chums than a huge group of acquaintances! 
5. Our house – It’s been since February, but I still count myself lucky each day that we found a nice quiet and calm place to live.
What are you grateful for?

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