52 Lists Project: Things To Be Excited About

So I’ve made it to list 24, hurrah! Almost half way there… 
List #24 – the things you’re currently excited about

1. The comics exhibition at British Library next month – we really need to get round to booking our tickets!
2. Reading more of my Joker graphic novel, it’s been pretty darn awesome so far.
3. Having BBQs with friends in a couple of weeks, assuming the sun is out
4. Potentially being able to drive before the year is out – just got to make sure I can afford to own one!
5. A trip away to Bournemouth that is kind-of-sort-of-planned. Hoping it doesn’t rain like it did the last time we went there.
6. Holiday season – as much as I love the summer, October onwards is always awesome as there is Halloween, birthday season (including mine…) and Christmas! 
What are you excited about?

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