52 Lists Project: Things That Warm Your Heart

List #22 – The things that warm your heart
1. When Liam looks after me when I’m ill
2. Getting comments on this here blog (thank you especially to regular commenters!)
3. Kind words from friends, family or colleagues – especially words of encouragement and unexpected compliments
4. A cup of tea, or hot chocolate when it’s cold and wet outside
5. Some of the stories in Comic Book Men recently – such a great show that demonstrates that comic book nerds can be awesome. 
6. Finding the perfect gift for someone – it’s rare, but when it happens its great! 
7. When someone gives me a gift which has been well thought through
8. Curling up under a blanket and watching a TV marathon or film
What warms your heart?

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  1. Sarah

    I'm totally with you on this list! Especially with the hot choco, good film, snuggled under a blanket being looked after while you're ill scenario hehe.
    Sarah – hereyoume.co.uk

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