52 Lists Project: Things That Remind Me Of Home

When I began catching up with the 52 Lists Project, I was back at my family home, tucked up in bed recovering from Labyrinthitis. Now, I’m back at the place that me and Liam have come to know as our home the past couple of months.

I’ve moved a lot in my life, so it’s hard to define exactly what I would consider ‘home’ – back with my family it’s relaxing with cups of tea from Rennie Mackintosh fine china mugs, here at our place it’s mooching out in front of the TV watching a marathon of 24 – back in my University days it would probably be something quite different (drinking games, anyone?).

Here’s a short list of things that instead remind me of ‘that homely feeling’

List #4 – homely feelings

1. Being at ease to lay about in pjs or trackies, sipping tea or munching biscuits (or both)
2. Sleeping in until as late as you need, or getting up as early as you want
3. Chatting about nothing, or everything – whatever takes you fancy, with someone you care about and trust
4. Letting go of the outside problems – whether it’s work or just the weather outside. Home should be a haven from these things.
5. A place to proudly display and show off your interests – whether you have your own bedroom for that, or a whole home to call your own. Our house has got film posters, headknockers, plushies…all sorts of things that make it unique to us.

What gives you that homely feeling?

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