52 Lists Project: Things I Want To Make

As I type, I have FINALLY caught up with the topics so far. By the time this is posted, I will probably be at least a week behind with the project itself. If you don’t know anything about 52 Lists, clicky here.

So what’s the topic for List 11? It’s things I want to make!

List #11- what I’d like to make

2. Oh, and brownies
3. My own clothes. I wish I’d bothered learning in Textiles classes at school. I used to get my friend to do all the sewing on the machines because they freaked me out Edit: since originally writing this post, my lovely friend Emma has decided to teach me how to use a sewing machine! We’re going to make clothes and other crafty things. I’M EXCITED!
4. Something to be proud of that would ‘make my mark’ – other than this blog, of course!

How about you?

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