52 Lists Project: Summer To Do List

Round these parts the weather has been a bit odd lately – mild, but still a little grey and cloudy. Sometimes it brightens up in the afternoon in time for my commute home from work, other times it brings on a light rain which causes my train to be delayed.

Either way, it would be nice if it made up its mind so that I could get into the true summer spirit. Maybe this week’s list from the 52 Lists Project will help too!

List #23 – Your summer to do list

1. Sort out our overgrown and abandoned garden. Weeds everywhere.
2. Drink Pimms with strawberries in a pub garden at least several times this summer.
3. Get fit! Do some more exercise – I want to get involved in playing some squash, badminton or tennis.
4. Go on more walks around the local area. We have discovered some amazing fields to wander around that are right on our door step.
5. Read more comics.
6. Make fresher, lighter meals that don’t depend quite so much on a carb overload!
7. Throw a BBQ – we have one or two in the pipeline so hopefully the weather will cooperate!
8. Expand my photography skills – I’m looking forward to a photography workshop in Brighton at the weekend.
9. Get more passion (and time) to write more varied stuff for this blog, and to keep it growing by developing more of a ‘brand’ for it.
10. Keep selling old stuff on ebay to make way for a brighter wardrobe.

What makes it onto your summer to do list?

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  1. duck in a dress

    One of my top jobs is to sort out and tidy the garden – we have such a nice space but it needs a jolly good clear out, so we never really get round to using it properly. The rest of my summer to-do list consists of lots and lots of things that I know I probably won't have time to actually do! 🙂 x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Our garden is lovely, but this is the first time I've had my own garden that needs maintaining, so it's gotten pretty bad!
    It's always lovely to make a long list – it's not necessary to tick *everything* off, but if you can tick off the stuff you really, really want to achieve then happy days! x

  3. amyrutter.com

    Mine would be pretty similar! Spent last weekend sorting the garden out so we can actually enjoy it this summer. I want to spend more time with friends in Brighton & invite them round for dinner more. And I also want to make more time for my friends and family further afield. More road trips are in order!

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