52 Lists Project: Spring To Do List

Continuing to catch up with the project, I am now up to List 13, another To Do list but this time themed around Spring.

The lovely weather outside today as I type is certainly putting me in a Spring time mood, so putting together this list should be easy peasy!

List #13 – Spring to do’s

1. Tidy up our new garden. It’s pretty low maintenance but was left in a bit of a mess when we moved in. We’ve been working on clearing up the pond, but the BBQ area and decking will need a good spruce.
2. Eat lighter, healthier food. The nice weather should make it easier to trade in stodgy carbs and choc for more salad, veg and fruit. (So far, this really hasn’t been the case!)
3. Sell some of my old clothes. I will be doing a blog sale in the nearish future, as I want to freshen up my wardrobe with more colour!
4. Put some time towards scheduling posts for the blog – 52 lists has been handy to keep the blog populated, but I do want to mix things up a bit!

Spring is my favourite season as it’s usually never too hot or too cold. I’m hoping to be able to tick off the points on this list in the coming months – keep your fingers crossed for me!

What’s on your Spring To Do List?

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  1. Clare Brown

    I had also wanted to do the 52 lists posts but bit behind to catch up now! Spring is great time for freshening things up good luck with the blog sale & look forward to seeing the new colours you intro to the wardrobe!

  2. Cat Fyson

    It really was a struggle to catch up, and I know I have more to catch up with soon too! But it's all good fun really – just hope I stick it out.

    I am hoping to definitely add a bit more colour to my wardrobe, just hope I can make enough money to do so! x

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