52 Lists Project: Rainy Day Activities

As I type this, I’m tucked up in bed (it’s 8am on a Sunday so it’s allowed), and the weather outside is beautiful. However, cast back a few weeks and memories pop up in my head of the horrendous torrential rain we had across the UK in February’s storms.

I will channel these memories for today’s edition of the 52 Lists Project – rainy day activities.

List #3 – what to do on a rainy day

1. Watch movies or a marathon of a TV show. It’d be foolish not to.
2. Bake! I love baking cupcakes and brownies especially, but a rainy day does pose the opportunity to try something different (unless of course that means a sprint in the downpour for ingredients)
3. Blog – a great chance to not only create some posts to schedule, but also to read and comment on other blogs
4. Organise – sort out your wardrobe, kitchen drawers, DVD collection – whatever. Getting things into order can make you feel 100 times better about gloomy weather outside
5. Read. I really should practice what I preach here as I don’t remember the last time I picked up a book (or even read on my iPad!)

Have any additions to make? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lauren Hay

    these are all my favourite things to do- rainy day or not! but i do love having a little movie marathon with someone! think I might start doing the 52 lists as well, thanks for the inspiration!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Cat Fyson

    I can only watch TV show marathons – I get sleepy during movie ones hah. The 52 Lists is fun, I am catching up with a post a day as the project is on list number 13 already so I'm a little behind! x

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