52 Lists Project: Moments You Will Always Remember

This week’s topic for 52 Lists is a particularly lovely one. There are a few things that have happened in my life that are quite unforgettable. So, without further adieu… 
List #20 – List the moments you will always remember 

1. The day we picked up each of our family dogs. Zoe slept the whole way home, whilst Domino did several wees in the car!
2. Visiting the pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt…I mostly remember just how horrifically ill I was and how a man tried to trade a camel for me. Nothing sinister there…
3. When I graduated from University with a 2:1. I was beaming with pride in all the photos. I will never forget the mix of nerves and excitement at crossing the Portsmouth Guildhall stairs.
4. When Liam graduated with his First for his Masters – I think I was beaming even harder than when I graduated!
5. Going to Prague with Liam’s family and seeing the Astronomical clock and going on a brilliant walking tour of the city.
6. Moving into our first place together – that dread when we realised the flat didn’t come with the fridge! 
7. Moving into our current house and feeling much better. 
8. The evening that Liam asked me out – we watched Taken and This Is Spinal Tap. 
I’m sure there’s loads more but I won’t bore you!

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