52 Lists Project: Good Things You Have Done This Week

List #31 – The good things you have done this week

OK, I confess…I scheduled this post so really I’m sharing the good things I did last week.

1. Sort out my work calendar. Multiple times. Until it was just right.
2. Oh, and I’ve set up a blogging calendar too!
3. Watched Aaron Paul in Need For Speed and realised he has a Breaking Bad tattoo (on his arm, it reads ‘No Half Measures’). I’ve actually watched a few good films recently.
4. Drank loads of Bill’s pink lemonade. Bad for the diet, good for the soul.
5. Treated myself to a few things with the upsell bonus I got at the end of July.
6. Worked hard. This isn’t exclusive to this week, but I do feel good about the passion I have for doing a good job!

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