52 Lists Project: Good Things About My Home Town

List number eight of 52 asks for a selection of the things that are good about my home town. As I mentioned in list 4, I have moved a lot and for that reason I struggle to define my ‘home town’.

For a long time I lived in Surrey – this is where I grew up, and where I gathered a large group of friends. For some time even after leaving I considered this my home town. I eventually let go of it when I had spent some time in Worthing, where my family live. However, spending just 2 years living in Worthing meant I never really cemented it as a ‘home’ town.

Moving to Portsmouth for University felt more like a place to settle. Even after Uni I spent a few years living there. We’ve only just this year moved out of the city, and now live in a quiet semi-rural village which it really is too early to define as my home town.

To bring my life story to a halt and get to the point, my home town has changed and will continue to change as long as I keep moving. I doubt I’ll live where I am now forever, so to keep the list interesting I’ve picked some of the memories from the various places I’ve spent any amount of time living in!

List #8 – home town memories

1. Back when I was in Primary School, we had a couple of parks local to us – time was well spent with my friends at these places. Everyone lived so close to each other so we would never be stuck without things to do and people to see.
2. When I lived in Ewell, I used to love walking my dogs with my Dad. At the end of our road was a huge park with fields, a brook and plenty to see every morning.
3. Ewell was also the home to the Chinese takeaway which did the best Char Sui Pork I’ve ever tasted. I think my nostalgia of it probably emphasises just how good it was.
4. Moving to Worthing was at first horrible – I was leaving all my friends behind. However, I had the sea 5 minutes away from me which meant I was able to spend time reflecting whilst watching the waves.
5. Portsmouth was an exciting step as I was moving away from family (I love them dearly, but we all loved moving out, right?). I still had the sea for the sombre times, but also the opportunity to meet loads of new people whilst at University.
6. The one thing I am appreciating most here, where we are now, is the peace and quiet. I love that the only annoying sound is the pigeon that enjoys sitting on our roof and hooting down the chimney. Don’t get me wrong, it’s annoying – but not any where near as much as the students who would wake us in the middle of the night back in Portsmouth.

Do you consider where you live your ‘home town’? Or like me have you moved a lot? 

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