52 Lists Project: Favourite Moments Of 2013

Moving on to to List 2 in the 52 Lists project, I had to dig deep to actually remember most of last year – my memory is like a sieve!

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List #2 – list your favourite moments of 2013

1. Getting a brilliant new job working with awesome people
2. By association, leaving the old job which was wearing me down and causing way too much stress
3. Creating moreaboutcat and taking the more flexible and enjoyable route of writing a more personal blog
4. Taking the plunge and buying a DSLR – she was expensive but I love her!

Thinking about it, 2013 wasn’t a ‘massive’ year for adventures and whatnot, the job was really the major exciting element of the year! Hopefully my 2014 highlights will be more comprehensive!

What are your highlights from last year? 

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Sorry for the delay in response! I'm sure you will find and get your dream job one day 🙂 I went through a tough time before I got this current job, so good things come to those who wait 😉 x

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