52 Lists Project: Bedside Table Objects

I am one of the few people who actually doesn’t have a bedside table or cabinet. I have a window ledge close enough to put any drinks on, and I tend to put my phone down on the floor. So as not to make List #12 of 52 completely redundant, I decided to put together a list of what would likely grace my bedside cabinet if I did have one.

List #12 – what would be on my bedside cabinet if I had one

1. A nice photo frame with a picture of my family in. We don’t take many pictures together so I’d probably have to get one taken first! 
2. At night, my phone, with a charger plugged in near by.
3. Some nice fresh flowers. Our room is a little dark and some nice flowers would add a bit of colour. Realistically I’d probably get fake flowers rather than real ones, as the fragrance might be distracting when trying to sleep.
4. A coaster – it might prompt me to make myself a drink as I do occasionally wake up in the night in need of water. We’re not used to central heating yet so it can dry your throat a little.
What do you keep on your bedside table? Am I crazy for not really feeling the need for one?

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