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Order Valium Online Can I Buy Ambien At Walmart

Buy Soma In Usa

February 25, 2018

Buy Ambien Zolpidem

I’ve been a shitty blogger recently. I haven’t been reading as many blog posts as I would like to be and this totally goes Buy Ambien Online Uk. But I’m working on it, I promise. I am trying to take the time to read more blog posts because I think it will help me start loving blogging again – something I’ve been struggling with recently.

Maybe it’s because running my own business is bloody exhausting, and in the evening after work I’d rather be binge-watching Prison Break and wondering why no one has made gifs from the show than spending even more time on my laptop reading blog posts. That’s the excuse I’ve been using, but even at the weekend I seem to have abandoned old traditions of drinking a cuppa and catching up with my latest reads on Feedly.

In an attempt to get me back into reading blogs again, I decided to really think about what it is about particular types of blog posts that I’ll always be enticed towards reading. I also thought it could be potentially useful to others when coming up with blog posts ideas? Idk. But most of all, it’s a great excuse to do a shout out to some of my abso fave bloggers.

So here ya go, proof that clickbait is dead and great content is well and truly ALIVE.

Buy Soma In Usa

Think pieces are my blogging drug. I wish I could write them so bad, but I also just love reading them. Think pieces are great because you can tell just how much work has gone into the writing, but at the same time they feel so *raw*.

If you have no idea what I’m on about, go check out Chloe’s blog Buy Adipex Online 2014 because she absolutely nails them – with amazing photography to boot.

Sharing & Shoutouts

We’re all pretty busy, right? So when another blogger shares their fave posts from other blogs, they are basically doing your homework for you. I have found some amazing blog posts through other bloggers who are simply sharing the content they loved reading the most that week/month.

Special mention to Emma at Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Pharmacy whose weekly Saturday Shares are my number 1 source for finding new blogs to read!

Budget Travel

I will pick budget travel blog posts over luxury travel press trip posts EVERY time.

But actual budget travel. Not budget travel where you spend £1,000+ because bitch, that ain’t a budget. Although I can barely afford petrol to drive Nelson the red Mini around, I still enjoy reading about travel that would be possible if I didn’t buy so many chocolate puddings.

Milly at Buy Diazepam Singapore is absolutely awesome at this type of content. Even though she works in the travel industry, she doesn’t try and hoodwink her readers…she will break down how much was spent on a holiday and must be some sort of magician because she managed to spend less than £400 in Iceland which has a reputation for being HELLA expensive.


I am all about being able to relate to a blogger – that’s what keeps me coming back. That’s why I have a special place in my heart for blog posts that are REAL. They speak that blogger’s truth and get to the nitty gritty in a way that feels authentic. ‘Cos let’s be honest, “realness” is very popular here in the blogosphere, that it’s kind of become a trend and can sometimes come across as a little fake.

In fact, one of my favourite #realness bloggers is Vix Meldrew who recently served the blogosphere with a big ol’ slice of honesty pie in her post about Order Phentermine 37.5 From Canada at the mo.

Blogs about blogging

Let’s face it, we’re all trying to improve our blogs constantly. Whether it’s making it good with a snazzy new design, or optimising our posts for SEO, it feels like a never ending race to better our space on the internet. That’s why bloggers who blog about blogging are SAVIOURS (yeah I know I do it too, I am godlike).

But my favourite blogger writing about blogging, as well as social media and running her own business is Buy Adipex-P 37.5Mg Tablets. She is an absolute machine, creating great content again and again to support bloggers and small business owners.

What types of blog posts do you enjoy the most?

4 responses to “The Five Types Of Blog Posts I’ll Always Click Through To”

  1. I love blog posts about blogging – I find them so helpful! I also absolutely love haul posts – I love seeing what other people have been buying recently, and finding one or two things to add to my own wish-list!

  2. Realness and think pieces are absolutely my favourite. I want to know the blogger behind the pretty aesthetics and reassurance that life isn’t always pretty instagram worthy pictures!

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