5 Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself 5 Years Ago

Five years ago I was 20. There I am up there looking silly. I was in University and would have just started dating Liam. I think in this photo we may have been going out for a few months?

I’d have been in my second year of University, gearing up for the dreaded last year coming up, which meant dissertation and also the end of the student life. Time to enter the real world.

Back then, as far as I can remember, things were pretty good (can’t you tell from that grin?). I had a good circle of friends and a great boyfriend. We went out a lot and I probably had more hangovers than I dare to count (although I was definitely winding down at this point…). I lived in a house with a few friends, although I spent the majority of the time at Liam’s fairly early on in the relationship.

Nowadays, I’d like to think that I have 5 years of wisdom to look back and think of the things that would’ve been useful to know back then. Of course I was having lots of fun, but I’m sure there were also the natural anxieties of a student – what comes next? Will I fail my degree? Will this have been a waste of time? How am I going to find a job?

So, if I could hop into a Delorean and go visit my past self, what would I teach her?

Alcohol and you don’t really get along that well. 

Now, I’m not telling you to never drink again – you really aren’t too bad right now. You’ve already started to settle and start staying in more, and you’re beginning to enjoy it. Honestly. You spend less, and you relax more.

Spend more time with your friends.

Don’t spend too much time staying in. Go out for meals, go shopping, whatever. Some of your friends you may never see again after Uni, and others you’ll only see every once in a while. Once you graduate, the city you live in will feel a lot emptier. Not to mention your social calendar…

The ending of Dexter is rubbish.

As much as you and your housemate love watching Dexter, you’ll be so disappointed by the last season that you’ll wish you never watched it. But don’t worry, Breaking Bad will be awesome.

Take up blogging.

If you’d taken up blogging, you might be famous by now. I’m kidding, of course. But be more creative and start building that portfolio which goes beyond the work experience you did in college and the clippings from the student newspaper. Whilst they served you well, you’ll wish you’d made the effort to reach out for more opportunities to write.

Let life do its thing.

You’ve never been one to plan too far ahead, so keep that up. But roll with the punches more and do things that make you nervous. You’ll need that backbone in the future.

What would you tell your past self?

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  1. Liz S

    The last point is definitely true; I feel like I'm getting better at rolling with the punches as I get older. Most importantly, however, the Dexter thing is mostly definitely good advice. I enjoyed 1-7 but it definitely peaked at season 4! x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Number 4 was by far the best! Everyone should probably stop here…later seasons had their moments but the last is just embarrassing!

    I think it's just easier to take things as they are when you get older! x

  3. Kathryn

    Great post, I need do the second point and I love the last one too. I'm off to uni (hopefully) this year.


  4. lollalong

    This is so similar to my last blog post! I did a letter to my 18 year old self (my age 5 years ago) but it was less about what I would tell them and more about showing what has happened! Although I'd love to go back in time and change some things I know that it would probably change how my life played out. For instance I'd tell myself not to bother meeting up with a certain guy as it was a waste of 11 months but if I hadn't then maybe I wouldn't be with m current and pretty decent boyfriend. Although I would probably tell myself to vlog more and then I could have become mega internet youtube famous by this point! But I'm not sure if I actually want that!

    Lauren 🙂

  5. Cat Fyson

    Ooh I'll have to check it out! There's little point in wishing to change things, as like you said it all has a knock on effect on who you are and what you experience now. I've certainly made mistakes (luckily mostly before I was 20…), but I'm better for it now! x

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