4 things with Ryan Gosling’s face on

Who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling? If you raised your hand or pointed at yourself and thought “Me – I hate Ryan Gosling!”, then go and watch Drive, and try again.

Because my obsession with him is forever growing (me and Liam have got into the habit of watching one of his films a week, to feed both of our Gosling lusts), I came across these things on the Internet which have his face on. Enjoy.

Pre-cut Ryan Gosling cake toppers from Amazon

Not only do these cake toppers have his glorious face on, but they are pre-cut. No accidentally shearing off his nose in excitement as you turn your average cupcakes into sexy cupcakes.

I looked at these some time ago, and thanks to Amazon’s remarketing, these cake toppers now follow me around the Internet. Not complaining.

Ryan Gosling tea towel from Dear Colleen

‘Nuff said.

Colouring book from Amazon

So, I must confess. I own this. I haven’t coloured any of it in yet as I fear I might ruin it because I’ve never been good at staying in the lines.

Plus, I never remember the colour of anything he’s wearing because I’m too busy looking at his face.

Ryan Gosling chair from Facechairs

I’m going to resist the urge to say anything crude about sitting on this chair, and instead let you know the fun fact that this chair is SOLD OUT on the manufacturers website – it also costs over $300. If I was Gosling, I’d be scared.


  1. Cherokee

    Ryan Gosling seems to have replaced the weird Twilight merchandise knocking about a few years ago. Next it will be Gosling pants and dildos. The world has gone mental.

    Loving your new blog btw!

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