Stuck in a blog post ideas rut? Happens to me all the damn time. But recently, I’ve started dedicating a little bit of time to brainstorm blog post ideas using a ridiculously easy process that even gets the juices flowing when I cba and simply need ideas so my blog doesn’t die a death.

Y’see, once I actually start writing the post it’s easy. I can tap away and produce something I’m happy with about 99.9% of the time (we all have times when we’re like UH NUH THIS IS TRASH DELETE).

The hardest part is actually staring into the abyss hoping that a blog post idea will just slap you in the face. Hypothetically, of course. So I decided to dig out my blog planner (I use this absolute gem from Dot Creates), and follow this simple structure to start getting title ideas on paper:

(Full disclaimer, I was very much influenced by this post by A Branch of Holly on how to come up with website content ideas, and I highly recommend you check out her blog for more blogging tips! This structure below is a simplified version of her method so if you want to do any further reading, check out the link.)

Step 1: Write down your blog categories

Go to your blog and look at your categories and/or tags. Create a column for each category and draw a line down in between each to separate them.

If you don’t have categories or tags for your blog, just write down the topics that you cover e.g. beauty, life, food etc. If you have a super-niched blog which only covers one topic e.g. beauty, think beyond that and categories by areas such as skin care, makeup etc.

Step 2: Get into the nitty-gritty

So below each column heading, it’s time to write down the areas within those categories that you either currently write about, or would like to introduce. Here’s an example of a few of my blog categories and the areas within them:


  • SEO tips
  • Google Analytics guides
  • WordPress plugins
  • Social media – Twitter, Instagram
  • Blogging community/industry commentary


  • Trips out
  • Theatre reviews
  • Health


  • Working from home
  • Advice e.g. finding work
  • Bookkeeping
  • The truth/honest posts about being self-employed

To come up with the areas, it’s useful to go back through old blog posts and see what you wrote about, as well as any obvious gaps in what you may not have written about before but would like to. Make this list as long as you like, but the next step will be about turning those areas into blog post ideas!

Step 3: Coming up with title ideas

By now, your creativity should be flowing a bit more and you may have found that as you were listing the areas you cover you already had a few blog post ideas in mind!

If not, study each area separately and write down whatever comes to your head. Your thoughts don’t need to be perfectly polished titles yet – just write what’s going through your brain.

For example, under my Blogging category, I have Instagram as a topic. I started to think about my relationship with Instagram at the moment and the idea popped into my head about how Instagram is actually kind of stressing me out. So it came to me that I’d like to explore that. At this stage, all I jotted down was “Insta stress!” as a prompt.

Prompts like this aren’t finished blog post ideas – but they are a great place to start! Don’t feel pressure to come up with the final title before you’ve written a single word…in fact, come up with the title last as sometimes a blog post can change direction as you’re writing and being strict with your title can take away that creative flow!

Make sure you keep all of your ideas safely in a notebook, planner or on your computer so you can always refer back to them when you’re struggling.

How do you come up with blog post ideas, and will you be trying this method?