21 Things No-One Tells You About Being A Blogger

Being a blogger, and classifying myself as one is something I take personal pride in. I’ve been blogging for a long time now, originally starting back in 2011 with another site and finally finding my feet here in 2013. I love blogging – it’s the hobby that’s here to stay.

But without a doubt, there are things that you learn about being a blogger that you sometimes wish someone could’ve given you the heads up about.

Here’s 21 number of things no-one tells you about being a blogger.

  1. Blogging takes up a helluva lot of time – time you don’t really have but always manage to squeeze in because you love doing it so much.
  2. You’ll meet a bunch of people online that you wish lived closer to you because you’d get on SO well and go out for coffee all the time, except when you’re cancelling those social plans because you need to find time to blog lols.
  3. Your non-blogging friends will assume you’re in it for the money and will want a slice of the pie. If this happens to you, maybe forward them that very exciting email about placing a link to a car insurance company for $5.
  4. Your relationship with your blog will be just like that of a sibling. You love them, but sometimes they really piss you off and you want nothing to do with them.
  5. Your family will have no idea what your blog (or any blog) is so they’ll regularly judge you for taking 986945869 photos of your food. MUM, I’M WRITING A REVIEW, OK?!
  6. Being a blogger isn’t just about blogging, you also have to have strong insta game and regularly engage on Twitter to stay relevant.
  7. Blogging is harder than it looks. It’s more than stringing some sentences together and taking a quick snap to illustrate your post. I read a lot that building a successful blog is hard, but building a blog of any level is difficult now what with there being so many out there, you’ve got to be seen to be heard.
  8. You may become a little bit obsessed with acronyms like SEO and DA – but that’s OK because you’re also learning new stuff which is a big perk of blogging.
  9. You’ll justify buying things by saying to yourself that you’ll blog about them. Valid excuse, I think.
  10. You have to stand up for yourself and know your value. After a little while of building up your blog, you may start to get some annoying emails that disguise themselves as exciting opportunities. Y’know, like the aforementioned car insurance link, or a lucrative opportunity to write about curtain rails. You’ll soon learn how to say no!
  11. Don’t try to replicate another blogger’s voice or style – be inspired by blogs you love but remember who you are and what makes you unique. People are more likely to buy into that instead of another carbon copy of a popular blogger.
  12. Twitter is a blogger’s best pal. It’s great for finding new blogs to follow, chat with others in the community and of course to promo your content. Forget Facebook (except Groups as they can be fab), and spend your time getting tweet-savvy.
  13. As a blogger, you will get stressed from time to time and feel like your content isn’t good enough. The great news is that more often than not, this feeling will pass and you’ll be back on your A-game, excited about blogging again!
  14. Comparison really is the thief of joy, but sometimes it can’t be helped. With so many bloggers absolutely bossing it, comparing your blog is only natural. Instead of letting it get you down, let it be what pushes you forward to make you feel happier with your space on the Internet.
  15. You’ll constantly want to improve. Seriously, it does not stop. Whether you feel like your photos aren’t up to scratch, or your writing isn’t as swish as it could be, as a blogger you will always feel the need to be better. Again, let it drive you not crush you *insert flexed biceps emoji*
  16. You’ll feel much more settled into your blog when you have your own domain. It somehow makes your blog feel more “real” and that it belongs to you when you drop the .blogspot or .wordpress.
  17. Unfortunately, there can be some cattiness in the blogging community, and drama beyond your wildest imagination. Whether you ignore it completely or grab the popcorn and tune in to the latest Twitter feud like it’s an episode of Eastenders – whatever you do, do not feed the trolls.
  18. It’s totally OK to feel awkward about the idea of taking streetstyle outfit shots – but if you don’t want to do them, you don’t have to! On the other hand, if you want to give them a go, rope in a partner, family member or pal to snap a few and see how you get on.
  19. Growing your blog is damn hard work, and work that never feels finished. No matter how many followers you have on social media, or visitors to your blog you get, it will never be enough *bursts into a rendition of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman*
  20. You’ll learn to hate the sun because the sun brings awkward shadows to your ootd shots and flatlays. Shadows are the enemy.
  21. Online life and offline life are two separate things, even if the lines blur from time to time. It’s up to you how much of your actual real life you want to share with the Internet and although you might feel the pressure to share more, you’ll soon begrudge blogging if it feels like you are divulging more than you want to for the sake of views. You do you, pal.


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      Only or the purpose of that photo! It’s so small that it gets cramped with stuff so easily I start just putting things on the floor!

    1. Post

      I think your outlook changes over time on blogging where it goes from being a casual thing you do when you feel like it, to this all-encompassing hobby lol…wouldn’t change it for the world though!

  1. Charlotte

    So incredibly relatable, blogging is damn hard and people outside of it really don’t understand. Love number 4, it really is a love hate relationship!!


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  2. Shane McDonald

    Great post. All true. The SEO bit is real for me. I had about 1000 visitors to my site per day in 2014, then my site got penalised for too many non quality posts as well as it not being mobile friendly…. I Ended up with about 130 people per day on the site after that. I’ve spent the last few months rebuilding the site and it’s credibility. I’m up to 300 people per day now and growing. After all that I didn’t keep up to date with Google Best practice and suffered. But that’s blogging.

    1. Post

      Thanks for commenting, Shane! Sorry to hear you got penalised, but I am glad that the focus is now on more quality content.

  3. s.e taylor

    Had a friend ask me this past weekend “what exactly is a blog?”. Not sure if I explained it right. It was nice that she showed interest and wanted to know. Though probably a sign that I talk about it way too much. I was all excited because I had a day that was the most visitors I’d ever had on my current blog. and I went on and on about how someone must of shared a post to FB because I got traffic from FB and I’m not on FB, yada yada , she probably just wanted me to shut up about my numbers, lol.

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