The Horrifying

1. Having no social life and forgetting how to friend.

2. Being awkward as hell when society dictates that you really should be confident as hell by your age.

3. Not wanting marriage or kids, but being bombarded on Facebook with these life events happening to everyone else.

4. Not being able to eat pizza and chocolate without ballooning immediately.

5. Realising how expensive houses are. And that you don’t really understand how anyone could afford them.

6. Everyone that is any younger than 25 is about 12 years old. Everyone.

7. You still miss Turkey Twizzlers, and the pain runs deep.

8. Special treats on Friday become daily treats, which then becomes a diet. Rinse and repeat.

9. The crippling realisation that you really should have learnt how to drive at 17. Public transport is the *worst*.

10. You’re no longer in your “early 20’s”. Stop lying.

11. Having nice things becomes more important. But so does trying to save your money. Forever dilemma.

12. The cost of holidays increases at the same rate of the need for holidays.

The Liberating

13. You no longer sit on the fence with your opinions. You’ll either feel a fire in your belly, or a strong and undeniable sense of “I’d rather be binge-watching Netflix than discussing this”.

14. Playing the games you played when you were younger (hell yeah Theme Hospital) is oddly therapeutic.

15. Having your own space from time to time. It’s a good feeling to be able to have some time alone with your thoughts. But not too long, that’s dangerous.

16. That realisation that you don’t actually need to have your whole life together right now. Just try your best to wear matching socks, yeah?

17.  Making some headway towards what you want from life, but equally knowing you can always change your mind.

18. It’s officially OK to like early nights again. They’re not just for babies and the elderly. Sleep is good for the soul.

19. Being the sober one on a night out means your the one who is going to have a hella productive day tomorrow.

20. It’s OK to not know the answers to everything. There’s plenty of time to learn.