I thought, just for a bit of fun I’d list a few of the things that go through (most) bloggers minds within a week. 

I’ve certainly thought about most, if not all of these at some point during my blogging experience!


2. Why isn’t my home as white and Pinterest friendly as [insert blogger name here]’s?!

3. Should I lug my DSLR out this weekend or pray my phone will take adequate snaps?

4. My Bloglovin/Feedly/Other readers are available feed is getting crazy. How am I going to catch up with 100 blog posts?

5. Which blogger chat is it again tonight?

6. How do I get an artsy birds eye view without breaking my neck?

7. Will anyone in this busy restaurant judge me if I take about 60 pictures of this pasta dish until it looks good enough for Instagram?

8. Should I switch from Blogger to WordPress? Everyone seems to love Wordpress and I sure as hell hate Blogger today.

9. Am I doing SEO right? What is it anyway? Blogging is hard! / I work in SEO for a living, do I really want to work on it at home too?

10. I wish I could blog for a living / It’s too much pressure blogging for a living.

11. Pinterest is way too addictive.

12. Even though I have over 100 blogs to read, I am going to ask for links to new ones because my new favourite might be out there somewhere.

13. What the hell do I wear to next week’s blogger event?

14. Should I start vlogging today? Maybe tomorrow, putting on makeup is a lot of effort right now.

15.  I wish I lived in London so I could go to more events!

Any more to add? Let me know in the comments!