15 Things That Journalism Students Know To Be True

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Way back when in 2011, I graduated with a 2:1 in Journalism with Media Studies. By then, I’d already decided journalism wasn’t for me. But that’s OK, because marketing was.

Whether you’re a current journalism student chasing the dream, or a graduate that has either become a journalist or most definitely has not, there are certain things that any journalism student past or present knows to be true. Here’s just some of them.

1. The excitement of learning shorthand and trying to teach your non-journalist housemates how to do it. Then the shock you feel when they really don’t care.

2. The serious shade from the resources department when you return a camera, dictaphone or microphone back late.

3. Late nights writing a silly amount of words on a news story which is almost entirely made up.

4. Learning about the laws and ethics of journalism, to then pick up the latest issue of a tabloid where none of those laws or ethics are abided to. Siiiigh.

5. The frustration of when your reporters notepad coils started bending out of shape from overuse. Better get a new one or you’ll lose all your notes.

6. A pen running out during a shorthand exam. Stuff of nightmares.

7. Joining the student newspaper as a reporter and snooping around looking for something exciting that has happened so you can claim the front page.

8. Contemplating that exposé on student drinking for the local newspaper, and then realising you’re probably part of the problem.

9. Being shocked that you’re one of the only in your class that has started a blog. How could you not?!

10. Doing work experience at your local paper or magazine (or a national, ooh get you) and realising that the clichés are true about how much journalists love coffee and don’t really do lunch breaks.

11. Seriously losing your cool when the paper with your first byline hits the desk. You then go and pick up multiple copies to send to friends and family – “LOOK, I’M FAMOUS!”

12. Discovering that the ‘made up’ stories from your University exams start happening. Sheeps cause chaos on the M25? Spoooky!

13. Spotting typos in newspapers and magazines, and relishing in showing everyone what a good copy editor you are.

14. Plastering your room with post it notes when the dreaded Law exams rear their head. What’s the difference between Libel and Defamation again?

15. Finding out how much money journalists make, and deciding “Nope. Time for a career change”.

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  1. Megan Fallows

    This over everything else. So true! I was out the other week and was showing this guy shorthand and he said he was impressed but NO ONE GETS IT. I also think he was lying.

  2. Bell

    This. is. my. life. Are we the same person? (apart from the shorthand excitement… now it's just dread). Cracking post, I'm glad I'm not the only one haha! xo

  3. Cat Fyson

    Haha love it! I hated shorthand after about a month…it was too hard! So glad you enjoyed the post, it was a lot of fun to write 😀 x

  4. Emma Farley

    Love this. I have a foundation degree in Newspaper & Magazine Journalism and a BA in Writing for the Media but ended up going down the marketing route too. The skills are totally transferable and I don't think I'd be blogging if I hadn't studied journalism – it was required!

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