15 Things I Learnt And Loved About Travelling To Italy

Travelling to Italy

1. It is cold and rainy there too.

2. Business hotel rooms are AMAZING. I had the choice of which of 2 beds to sleep in.

3. The small sachet with your dinner is not reduced, the Italians call salt ‘Sale’.

4. All you need to know how to say is ‘Ciao’, and ‘Grazie’.

5. Room service is the greatest thing ever.

6. Room service tray etiquette is confusing. The Internet told me to inform the hotel staff to pick it up, the hotel staff thought I was crazy for doing so.

7. Airports are not as scary as they seem, and it would be pretty hard to get on the wrong plane.

8. Sandwich bags are almost passable as a carrier for your liquids. Almost.

9. Never pack liquid containers that are more than 100ml, even if you don’t have 100ml left in it. That ain’t making it through security.

10. Don’t leave behind your company laptop at security to then have to run across the departure lounge to pick it up before the Gate opens for your flight.

11. Bread and olive oil = dreamy. But try not to fill up on it, because the rest of your courses will also be dreamy.

12. The water is so so soft! My hair and skin were soft and shiny like crazy.

13. Don’t let the giant sat next to you invade your space on the plane. Stand your ground and awkwardly cough when boundaries are crossed.

14. Definitely don’t forget that your suitcase is still undone when you pick it up. Everything will go everywhere.

15. Flying at dusk is the best time to fly. The sky is b-e-a-utiful!


  1. Cat Fyson

    Aww thanks lovely 🙂 Italy is great. I've been a couple of times now – last time before this was when I was quite young, so a v different experience! x

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