1. The queue for the kettle is no joke. Better start scheduling in tea time for when everyone else is done.

2. SO MANY CAKES. Seriously, surely every day can’t be a birthday? Oh, it is? BYE DIET.

3. You get to work early or stay late to tidy up your desk because you don’t want to be the one who looks like they work in pure, unadulterated mess.

4. You feel guilty beyond belief that you don’t know the name of all 200+ fellow colleagues…especially if they seem to know yours.

5. You better not touch the milk with the initials on….or RB is gonna be pissed (whoever that is).

6. Need to book a meeting in one of the several on-site meeting rooms? Better book it at least a week in advance to stand a chance in hell.

7. You’ll probably email the wrong member of staff at least once. Why are there so many Claire’s and John’s?!

8. Skyping someone who is less than 10 metres away from you (or even emailing them)….standard.

9. Sitting at your desk for lunch (again) because there are no seats in the break rooms, or it’s just so damn busy you need a little space.

10. The room temperature is either sauna levels of warmth or arctic levels of cold. There is no in-between.